Curtis Kunkel, ND

E. Curtis Kunkel, NDI am a naturopathic physician having graduated from NCNM (now NUNM) in Portland, Oregon — the oldest naturopathic school in North America. Also, I am a meta-physician, or a physician who understands the deeper and more foundational causes of dis-ease. Here’s a little about me…

I take great pleasure in uncovering and bringing to light useful information that has been buried or hidden. I enjoy finding the truth… about everything.  But I especially enjoy figuring out how to help people heal themselves when everything they have tried has failed.

For years I suffered with various health challenges in which I was treated as if I had numerous pharmaceutical deficiencies. Because all the drugs I was given for my physical symptoms did not fix me, I was told my problems must all be in my head.  After many years of declining health and a gnawing feeling that there had to be a better way, I was finally introduced to naturopathy. Natural medicine allowed me to turn the corner on my health, and regain the quality of life I had lost. As my path progressed, I realized that becoming a naturopathic doctor was my calling.

While unraveling the mysteries of health and disease, I came to understand that we are universes unto ourselves. As a result of this complexity and individuality, many of us don’t get the medical help we need. How many of us have doctors that understand the complex dynamics of true health, who sit down with us, are fully present and have more than drugs, scalpels and radiation in their tool belt? When it comes to chronic health conditions, a one-size-fits-all medical approach can only go so far, and often, it doesn’t even touch the true cause of disease.

I take great pride in getting to the bottom of my clients unique health challenges and because everyone is different, I always provide each of my clients with a personalized healing approach. What I also provide is the first-hand experience of having walked the healing path myself. As a result, I have come to a great understanding and appreciation of just how interconnected the body, mind and spirit really are.

If you are ready to feel better and reach your fullest potential, please contact me. By helping you reach your goals and dreams, you will be helping me achieve my dream of making this world a better place for all of us. I look forward to the opportunity of helping you regain the health and vitality you deserve!

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