New Patients


In-Person Patients:
Dr. Kunkel offers naturopathic physician services in-person. He can also offer these services over the phone (within reason) after an initial in-person visit. In order to maintain a true doctor-patient relationship, in-person appointments will still need to be performed at least once every 6-12 months depending on the condition and it’s complexity.

What to expect when working with Rogue Natural Medicine:
Prior to scheduling your initial visit, we will need to receive the “Rogue Natural Medicine Intake Form”, the “Informed Consent”  form, and the “Policies” form.  These forms can be found on the New Patient Forms page.  You will also need to provide payment for the initial visit prior to scheduling your appointment (this is the only visit that prior payment is required).  If paying by check, please make the check out to: Curtis Kunkel, ND.

You can provide us with the completed forms in one of three ways:

  1. You can mail these forms to:
    Curtis Kunkel, ND
    PO Box 1052
    Klamath Falls, OR 97601
  2. Or, fax them to Curtis Kunkel, ND at (541) 727-6001.
  3. Or, contact our office if you would like to send them via secure email and we can guide you through the process.

It is also very helpful to send Dr. Kunkel copies of all lab work that has been performed within the past 2 years prior to the initial visit.

Initial Visit: approx. 1 hr 50 minutes (may go longer).
Bring copies of your lab results from the previous 2 years, if you didn’t already send them prior to the initial visit. During this visit Dr. Kunkel will listen to your story and ask pertinent questions. This will help him understand the processes that have led to your current condition, as well as help him better understand what approach is needed to facilitate your healing journey. Dr. Kunkel strives to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere that fosters communication and collaboration. His goal is to act as your guide and partner in your healing process, so an active, focused dialogue is always welcome. Physical exams and laboratory analysis are performed as needed.  Occasionally Dr. Kunkel will initiate a treatment plan at the first visit, but it is usually started during the second visit. This gives him the time to go over all your information, as well as the results of labs that may have been ordered during this first visit.

Your Second Visit (Extended Follow Up Visit):
approx. 80 minutes (may go longer).
During this visit, Dr Kunkel will ask questions and acquire clarification on matters that arose out of deeper investigation of the information collected during the first visit. He will go over the results of your recent labs, explaining what the results mean and why they are important. This is a critical step in your healing as you will then be able to understand what is out of balance, why it needs to be corrected, and how to fix it. Throughout this process, Dr. Kunkel will spend time educating you on important matters related to recovering your health. At the end of the visit, a treatment plan specifically designed for you will be given.

Standard Follow Up Visits:
approx. 50-80 minutes
Follow up visits can be scheduled according to your need, condition complexity, and/or finances. In serious cases, it may be most effective to schedule multiple appointments per week. In other cases where you have reached a state of health you are happy with, you may only need to schedule as infrequently as once per year. Usually, when actively working on improving one’s health due to chronic conditions, follow-ups are most effective anywhere from every 2-6 weeks. The more you improve, the longer the duration between visits. Labs will be recommended as needed during these visits.

Quick Follow Up Visit:
approx. 15-20 minutes
These visits are for short in-person or over-the-phone follow-ups that don’t require a full visit or are for the purpose of answering in-depth patient questions. Simple, quick clarifications about past treatment plans that only require yes/no responses are complementary (within reason).

Acute care:
30 minutes
If you are experiencing an acute illness (flu, respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, new digestive complaints, rashes, injury, etc.) that is not an emergency, Dr. Kunkel can provide guidance and treatment to help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This may also include a referral if necessary. If you are experiencing an emergency please take the appropriate actions which may include calling 911 or visiting an ER before contacting Dr. Kunkel for any additional advice.  Dr. Kunkel specializes in chronic conditions, not life-threatening ones, though he may still be able to provide extra help in serious acute situations after the appropriate emergency care has been initiated.

Lab Testing:
Most blood work is done after fasting for 12 hours. When fasting blood work is required, it is recommended to make dinner your last meal before your blood draw. This allows you to fast overnight while sleeping and then go to the laboratory in the morning before eating or drinking anything other than water. Drinking some water prior to your blood draw is recommended in order to stay hydrated. Some lab tests don’t require a visit to the laboratory and may be performed at home with a kit that is then sent to the lab for analysis.