Our Approach

At Rogue Natural Medicine, we treat the person, not the disease. We strive to serve each person with autonomy and respect. Our goal isn’t to tell you what you have to do, but rather to be your guide and partner in a successful healing process. We understand that in order to make this partnership as successful as possible, we must try to impart some of the wisdom that we have come to understand. Knowledge is power. We want to empower you. Therefore, we wish to share with you information that you will be able to use to achieve a greater level of health and prosperity. Those of you who have suffered with chronic health problems know what it’s like to lose your freedom. We wish to help you regain this freedom through renewed vitality of the life-force within you.

In order to help you reach a place of greater health, or the absence of dis-ease, many paths can be taken. There is no one right way, no matter what anyone may say. There are just methods that follow natural law, and those that don’t. Since everyone is unique, no two paths will be the same. This is the challenge; to find the way that works best for you. By spending the time to learn who you are, we can help you find your path.

We also believe no one suffers from a pharmaceutical deficiency. If we did, then some of us would be born with not enough statins in our blood, or not enough anti-depressant medication in our brains or a myriad of other “pharmaceutical deficiencies”. But this isn’t the case no matter what the argument may be. However, it is very common to be born with or develop nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, we focus almost exclusively on using natural substances that the body recognizes and requires for optimum health. A deficiency or imbalance in these life-giving nutrients is almost always at the bottom of any chronic (or acute) health issue.

Because we have come to understand the mind, body and spirit all work together, we focus on helping the whole person. You are a universe unto yourself, and no part of you works independent from any other part of you. Generally, sick people don’t know themselves. A disconnection exists. Illness is really a blessing in disguise; a blessing that brings attention to the disconnected parts of ourselves. By acknowledging and addressing our dis-ease, we grow and have a better chance of achieving our mission in this life. It may not be fun, but ask anyone who has embraced their illness and gone through it and they will often say it was the best thing that ever happened to them. By helping you uncover these disconnections, we can help you find your healing and your ultimate freedom.